2.5.7 Dragging Movements (Level AA)

If any part of your website requires a dragging movement, provide an alternative means of dragging, such as tapping or clicking.

What you need to know

  • This requirement doesn’t apply to actions that are necessary to operate the user agent or assistive technology.
  • Dragging does not require a particular path, only a starting and an end point.
  • The only time dragging equivalents don’t have to be applied is when dragging itself is essential, and without it, the functionality would be altered.

What you need to do

  • Make sure there’s an alternative single pointer input available that serves the purpose of the dragging function. One option could be a series of single pointer interactions, such as opening a dropdown menu. 
  • Create keyboard equivalents for the same function as a dragging movement, for example “u” for up, “d” for down, “t” for top, and “b” for bottom.
  • Another alternative to dragging could be providing a context-sensitive menu from which the user can move the item up one row, down one row, to the top, or to the bottom.


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