Resources Resource Page

Visit our Resource Page often for regularly updated tools, tips and guidance from reliable sources to help you make your website and other digital assets accessible.


Digital Accessibility Myths & Facts


Check out these “myths and facts” to get a better understanding of WCAG techniques, the limitations of automated scanning tools, and the role of assistive technologies in web accessibility.


WCAG Glossary


Check out our glossary of specialized terms of interest to developers, designers and content authors working to make their digital assets accessible to people with disabilities


WCAG Quick Tips for Content Writers


Writing in plain language, effective use of alt text, and providing clear instructions are among the many important responsibilities of content writers as they work to make websites accessible. Check out this tip sheet for more guidance.


WCAG Quick Tips for Developers


Keyboard-only accessibility, helping users avoid (and correct) mistakes, and writing code that adapts to users’ needs are just a few of the key areas that developers focus on to ensure accessibility of websites and other digital assets. Read this tip sheet for more developer-focused guidance.


Web Accessibility Training Videos and Webinars


This collection of PowerPoint presentations, webinars and captioned videos contains a broad range of vetted, digital accessibility resources. Developers, designers and content authors will all benefit from these learning opportunities. Check back often as this page is updated with new web accessibility trainings and presentations.