2.2.1 Timing Adjustable (Level A)

Users should be able to complete tasks without unexpected changes in content or context that are a result of a time limit.

What you need to know

There are exceptions to the requirement of turning off time limits:

  • The time limit is essential (e.g. buying tickets online) and extending it would invalidate the activity.
  • The time limit is part of a real-time event (e.g. Ebay auction) and no alternative is possible.
  • The time limit is longer than 20 hours.

For any time limit on a website a user must have one of the following options:

  • Ability to turn off time limit.
  • Ability to adjust time limit to at least 10x the default setting.
  • After a warning of time limit expiration, given at least 20 seconds to to extend time limit at least 10x.

What you need to do

  • Avoid time limits wherever possible.
  • If you have a time limit, provide options to turn off, adjust, and/or extend the time.
  • If a time limit is necessary, provide the ability to adjust or extend it unless you meet an exception above.


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