2.4.12 Focus Not Obscured – Minimum (Level AA)

When a user interface component receives keyboard focus, the component and its focus indicator may not be completely hidden or cut off.

What you need to know

  • Among other users, people with ADHD or cognitive disabilities can benefit from always having the focus indicator visible to them.
  • A focused element that’s hidden behind other page content is obviously not accessible.
  • In the case of movable content such as toolbars or non-modals, if the user can move the position of the elements, only the initial position is considered for testing and conformance to this success criterion.

What you need to do

  • Examples of content that may overlap focused items include sticky footers—those that are attached to the bottom of the viewing area. Make sure that when a user is tabbing through a webpage an item in focus isn’t hidden because the header or footer overlaps it.
  • Even though a component that a user is focusing on might be partially hidden, you must make sure that it’s still mainly visible.


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